Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My Car Has Chosen A Side


  1. I have a 13 hybrid titanium. stumbled across your blog while researching how to remove the front bumper then ran through all of your MPG postings and found this!. Was looking to find out how to remove the bumper to place a Decepticon grill emblem in the lower vent. It appears that your car chose the same side with the front/back/steering wheel sticker set. I might suggest looking at the wheel caps, they are aluminum and 3mm adhesive that fit nicely over the wheel logo, I think they look pretty cool in combination and have stayed on my car for 10k miles already. Also I have a small badge by the hybrid logo on the doors. When I go full geek mode I also made a MyFordTouch Decepticon wallpaper :). See some of my pics here ->

  2. where did you find those things ¡¡¡

    1. The logo Overlays from here ->
      my wheel caps and valve stem on Amazon

  3. i want it for my 2014 fusion... do u think people.. that the Ford Dynamic Led Headlight come to Ameroca, so we can install it on our Fusion's ???