Thursday, January 17, 2013


I had a fuel economy test completed by my local EV certified Ford Dealership... My car said 34 MPG; their test said 37 MPG... Not exactly 47 or anywhere near 47 ... this is there answer. So basically half the year I can expect sub-par MPG ...

"Dear Nicholas,

In regards to your fuel economy on your 2013 Fusion, your dealership has advised that you are currently at an average of 37 MPG. This average is normal for this time of year with the winter blend fuel that is currently on the market at all gas station across the country. We would like for you to come back in the late spring around April/ May 2013 so that we may complete another test for you. 
We thank you for being our Ford customer! We will speak with you in the spring!"

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  1. i have a 2013 ford fusion hybird the miladge has been in the 31 /37 range for the past year the car has 9000 miles so it should be brock in by now all i get from ford is a line of bull shit, we had a 2010 fusion hybird and it avd 42 dose not make sense i have a ford ford a long no longer will i be a ford byer and plan selling all sock ihave ford. Ford needs to correct the problem and get the head out of the the sand and fix there problems.